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Saulire Lift Capacity Increased For August

S3V have announced improvements to access the Saulire area for the rest of the Summer after of being busier than expected (due to free lifts no doubt). 

Visitors in Summer will notice traffic light controls and the grouping of gondolas with often a wait to get on the empty lifts. This is for safety when there is limited staff availability so in the event of a breakdown passengers are not spread across the whole length of the lift making a rescue effort much easier. 

Verdons gondola lift will now use all cabins for uphill traffic and have groups of 5 for descents. 

On Saulire a decision to use the Vizelle gondola instead of the Saulire cable car has been made. 

Vizelle gondola has a capacity of 1200 passengers per hour while the single cable car is only 240. 

Vizelle will operate similarly to Verdons with full capacity uphill and groups of 5 for the descent. 

At the end of the day when more people wish to descend (or in the case of a storm coming in and the need to evacuate the mountain) this system can be reversed to provide maximum downhill capacity.

Changes come in to force on 12 August.

Note  Saturday special opening of La Tania, Praz and Foret lifts for the World Cup Summer Ski Jumping and Aerial Displays but Verdons and Saulire remain closed on Saturday as usual.  

Parking for World Cup

Free Shuttle buses for World Cup

Program of events for World Cup

La Saulire Cable Car

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