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For anyone wondering why Boulevard de Loze is often closed

Boulevard de Loze from the top of Dou des Lanches chair on the Meribel side is the fast direct route down to the Folie Douce, Rond Point or Meribel centre.

This winter especially it has been closed regularly – sometimes Pisteurs standing guard persuading people not to enter this area when its fenced off – they do it for a reason, there’s at least 4 avalanches that have crossed that track – if you were caught you’d have little chance of survival being so low down below that amount of snow coming down.

Hands up, I’ve crossed that fence – thinking a beer at the Folie Douce was the most important thing that day…

It wasn’t until a local character Krab who was as crazy off the mountain as on it – stopped a group crossing the fence. The first time I’d seen him do anything remotely serious and responsible!

“It’s closed for a reason – not because they can’t be bothered to open it” – he said. Followed by “we can still get to the Rond Point via Pic Bleu and the rope tow near the Altiport chair without a 3 VallĂ©es Pass – let’s go!”

I’ve never crossed it since. Even though it can be rather annoying in March & April when it often opens in the morning and then closes in the afternoon when it’s in the glare of the sun and danger returns. Better annoyed, than dead.

As always THINK!

Thanks to Charlie G for the pics.