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Snow Coming! Work harder on the new terrace…


Forecasts growing more and more positive for major snowfalls this weekend with weather warnings posted from Thursday evening across the weekend. Looking like significant snowfall to lower levels across the Alps should really sort out the start of season for most areas.

Meanwhile Bruno and Manchu need to crack on and complete the new Ski Lodge terrace before the snow comes!


Thanks to Free Ride Republic for the pics. More in our 15th annual What’s New in La Tania and The 3 Valleys guide.

Val Thorens are pushing opening day back to 28 Nov – although snow is due this weekend, they’re talking of severe storms as early as Friday and weather warnings are in place so with disruption likely and safety obviously coming first it makes sense. Bet there’s a couple of runs open towards the end of next week though for those in the know…

Val Thorens Full Statement

In spite of our determination to open the resort and the ski area on 21st November, unpredictable weather conditions have made it impossible for us to do so in a satisfactory way. For this reason, the teams in Val Thorens have made the difficult but sensible decision to postpone the opening. The resort looks forward to welcoming snowsports fans on Saturday 28th November, in the best conditions.

Opening of the resort and the ski area has been postponed due to an accumulation of factors that have made the situation more complicated:

Although it started snowing in Val Thorens back in September, with more than 50 centimetres of cumulated snow, for the past three weeks the mountain ranges have been faced with much warmer than average temperatures.

This unusual situation has been confounded with reports that heavy snowfall and storms are forecast at altitude for this coming Friday. Firstly, this would jeopardize the additional entertainment the resort planned to offer from the 12/11 as an alternative activity, as well as making access to the resort more complicated. And secondly, the slope maintenance team require a minimum of four days to prepare the ski area and make it safe, despite the fact that there are currently twice as many personnel on the ground.

We are fully aware of how disappointed our skiing friends will be as a result of our decision, but delaying the opening by one week will allow us to launch the season in better conditions.

The weekend of 28th and 29th November will see the official opening of the winter season in a friendly atmosphere as the resort hosts both the Rock On Snowboard Tour and the Freegun Snowscoot Tour. Snowsports fans will be able to enjoy the snow-covered slopes, test new snowboarding equipment free of charge and take part in various activities and entertainment.

Ski passes and accommodation purchased in advance for the opening weekend will be refunded or transferred to the weekend of 28th November. Resort guests should contact their accommodation provider or Val Thorens Réservation.