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La Tania Planning Meeting Minutes 21 Feb 2011 (in English)

Meeting minutes received at last, scanned them in, OCR’d them and auto translated mostly, but you should get the gist. No massive news on the new developments, the Quad Chair rumour etc – all on-going and waiting for the go ahead.

GSI Immobilier, B.P. 88, 73603 MOUTIERS CEDEX

Subject: Minutes of meeting
MEETING No. 6 OF THE COMMISSION “FORWARD TANIA” Monday, February 21, 2011 AT 10 AM.

Mr. TOURRETTE, President and Chairman I’ASL LA TANIA and the SYNDICATE Council ATREY
Mrs Bosquier. representative of the SYNDICATE Council LE GRAND BOIS
Mr. MACHET, The Pub and Restaurant Farçon
Mr. JANOCHA, representing the SYNDICATE Council CHARMS
Mr. Devaux, Chairman of SYNDICATE Council 7 SABOIA
Mr. Labeille, owner of a chalet
Mrs Roux, owner Beau FORMIA
Mr. Danel, Director of the La Tania Tourist Office
Mrs Perilhou, GSI Estate – ASL LA TANIA

Apologies were:
The Commune
The Society of Three Valleys

In the preamble, Mr. PANCERA recalls the subject of the Commission “FORWARD TANIA” for the optimization of operating conditions of the Station La Tania, the development of its international image, upgrading its equipment and its heritage.

Update on real estate projects underway and planned in connection with the completion of the ZAC LA TANIA Project.

Property Development “VILLAGE MORETTA”: Mr. PANCERA recalled the ins and outs of the Village MORETTA project on the parking du SAZ. the SAZ. The achievement of 19 000 m2 oriented tourist accommodation (13,000 for B&B or hotel beds) and quality services (Relaxation, meeting room etc. ..) is currently hampered by the general economic environment that discourages investments in these projects.

The ambition of this project through its’ implementation, is to enhance the LA TANIA station and also to provide the new common resources that are needed to make new
investments. The future village Moretta must be part of the station. Also, Mr. PANCERA again invites all partners to get involved in the design of the project by sharing their
opinion. Any suggestions would be welcome. Mr. PANCERA states that parking will be constructed on the other side of the development to compensate for the loss of parking du SAZ. However, construction of public parking in the basement is complex and will therefore be rejected. Finally, confirmation that the public inquiry made possible following the P.L.U revision, will be open when the conditions regarding the provisions relating to drinking water are sorted.

Property Development La Croisette (south-east of the new public building): Mr. PANCERA reminded that the group of 7 triplex chalets of which 3
are nearing completion will all be completed in late 2011 / beginning of 2012.

Rights to build residual ZAC de La Tania: Mr. PANCERA advised that the developer has 300 m2 of floor area to be dedicated to building 1 or 2 chalets or an expansion of other projects exists. Discussions with the Municipality should take place shortly on the implementation of those rights to build residences on the area between SABOIA
and Tennis Court. At this announcement, the President of the ASL and the representatives of apartment buildings reacted and warned the developer. It is recalled
that the ASSOCIATION FREE SYNDICATE had shown, historically, opposition and prevented any construction in that area and would again. Mr. PANCERA noted the remarks made, but he said that these 300 M2 developments could be completed and developed in a harmonious pattern.

Other matters
– Ski area: SYNDICATE FREE ASSOCIATION appreciates the work of S3V for maintenance of the ski area, particularly the sector of LA TANIA. It is noted the snowmaking equipment in the piste map Fontaine, except the section between the Moretta and THE FOLYERES. It fears that this part lacks snow at the beginning and end of the season and this track is particularly used by beginners for descending to the village.

The Gondola, too, “celebrates 20 years”, but if this age is young for the station, it begins to be felt by mechanical failures that completely isolate the station when the snow cover is insufficient to use the lift of Gros Murgers as was the case in January. Substituting a quadruple chairlift would benefit by decongesting the gondola, overcoming the vagaries’ of the latter, of removing the crossing with the piste Fontaine which poses problems with beginners and finally, to function even in low
snow conditions.

S3V has arranged for a beginners “ZEN” area (area for beginners) to the right of the small Troika lift. This area is valuable because it allows beginners to learn without
using the FOLYERES piste that may be dangerous for them.

Maintenance by snowmaking is provided to allow skiers to use the path that connects the PRAZ Juget Top Station (the 2 SABOIAs and the L’ATREY apartments) plus the hamlet of La Tagne – approximately 700 beds, ski-in/ski-out. Since the inception of the station, it was designated as “access to ski” and the town was marked with a sign (in French and English). It was protected by banning all vehicles from the centre. ASSOCIATION FREE SYNDICATES opposes the go ahead of a chalet (6c) being built
along side the ZEN area which, moreover, would reduce the area devoted to skiing in winter and can be converted in the summer as a games area. Residents, users of this road PRAZ Juget take this link, skiers and pedestrians, especially in the absence of the lift originally planned to link the bottom of the station. For all these reasons, plus the risk of falling rocks and boulders it will be graded as a non-construction zone at the next planning review.

Mr. MACHET confirms the need to change the ski station of La Tania and the urgent need to hear ski professionals views ready to meet with representatives for S3V to
search for possible improvements. It is recalled that the S3V ski schools, partners, owners expect concrete proposals and initiatives on various issues:
• Creating a piste for beginners
• Improved return to the station
• Refurbishment of cetrtain lifts (drag lift, cable car).

Mrs Bosquier, representative of the building “Le Grand Bois” reminds the Municipality is committed to creating access for pedestrians, security and peace for residents. For several years, they suffered nuisance to occupants of users using the passageway of the 10th floor. Mr. PANCERA replied that new ideas are under way with the Municipality in order to achieve the achieving the overall project (paths and an area for sledging).

The participants urge the Municipality to make recommendations to improve the main thoroughfare. It is recalled that hazardous slopes must be removed and replaced by steps. The sustainability of the renovation of the pool equipment is recorded in the municipal budget (replacement liners, coping and pool).

The President of the ASSOCIATION FREE SYNDICATES reminds evryone to urgently order their own television equipment before permanent closure the Community Network cable function (November 2011).

Mr. Labeil reminded the Commune about the signage in the chalet area to assist in guiding tourists and visitors.

The Association renews its proposal for funding to the Office for Tourism leading to the establishment of a free WiFi Service. Mr. DANEL stated the existing equipment is not designed for a full extension. However, steps are being made with the company to assess new installation needs.

The next meeting of “Tania Forward” will be held immediately after the Annual General Meeting of the ASSOCIATION FREE SYNDICATE 2012, unless new information warrants a meeting in the interim.

The questions were exhausted and meeting adjourned at 12 o’clock.
Completed at Moutiers, 25 March 2011
For the President of ASL La Tania, Mr JP TOURRETTE.