THE PUNTER 17th April 2002

Special Race Day Edition

News from the 8th edition
All the weeks Gossip from La Tania & Meribel Village

Charity Race Day
Yes The biggest day is here in sunny (!) La Tania and the race is over !!
But the whole day lays before you like a well paid whore….there to be feasted upon, so bend it over backwards and enjoy !!!!!!!!!!.

Grab a beer & a burger, get down to the bands who are entertaining you for free !! While the festivities are continuing lets not forget the reason we are all here on the piss.. CANCER RESEARCH UK !!!!!

With the sledge race imminent and the world championship egg eating contest about to begin get you hands in your pockets and lets see Tim Walls Mullet come off! We want to see that bald bonce today…Best of luck tomorrow at 09:30 Tim!

This is it …the end of the season is upon us!
A time to reflect on the HIGHS and lows of the season, the ups and the downs, the ins and the outs !!!
Sadly we at The Punter cannot remember *** all about this season but... apparently there was a couple of good nights around the 24th Dec and then again a week later !? But who can forget….

Night Monkey action….Nathans lack of eyebrows…..Spiderman Dan Provost…Fleets pissed Saturdays….Wales…wales…wales !
…Ski Beat nannies shagging the whole of the Ski Lodge…Mongos lack of shagging… Welsh anal antics..Shibboleth piss ups on Tuesdays… cleaning bogs on Saturdays…the same meals every week all season..waiting for the guests to turn up @midnight…Ollies eternal shoulder…“one eyed”Pirate DJ..SAM WALL… .champagne @ LDV… Sleeping /smoking /shagging in the bogs !….Sitting back for a drink or 10 after work….Tai chi lessons at the PUB……TMC/Natives pissed up race day…Dark’n’Smokey St Pats day…Tims Gorrilas on the piss..The few dumps that led to bottomless powder runs…did anyone get 1st lift ???????????

Thanks for making 2001/2 a great season..lets do it all again next year!!!

Letters to the Editor
Dear Ed
When does the pub shut and should I go to Greece ?
Pub shuts on Thursday, there’s a bucket and sponge party on Friday.

Dear Ed
I think I’m turning homosexual, what should I do about it ?
B. Umbandit
Go with the flow…but remember It’s always better to give than receive!

Dear Ed
When does the pub open again?
When we say so you ****

Drink of the week
Drink the bar dry cocktail!
Take the last remnants off the shelf from a busy bar in the Alps, add left over chalet wine, 3 drops of Tabasco and a dash of flat Coke. Stir in Javel and lightly spray with Decap Four. Serve all day on Thursday 18th April 2002 !!
See you at the Bar !!

LOST & FOUND – this Season
Virginity, Dignity, the plot, your minds, keys to the car/chalet/appt/pub

Friends, Lovers, way of life, nice brown jumper that I’m keeping, beers, drinks at the bar, Guests money/watches/skis/clothing/wives & daughters.

Arrivals & Departures
Toffa jets back to La Tania for Race day only along with Phil & Debs (on route to Zakynthos) Liza (the girl Dan chased back to the UK) moves out here for the week …or will it be the rest of her life? Dan had been using his rod to unblock her drains for the first few days ,hence her non appearance in La Tania at the start of her holiday. Loads have gone, more are going & those who are still around will probably be stuck here for the summer!

Eyes down for a full house of gossip…it’s the Barfly!
Where do we start ??
Farcon shut on Saturday night at 2am in a shock late night drinking binge. DJ Jap Bonjour cranked the party up so loud the Ski Lodge staff ****** it off and called over for a beer before the inevitable party back at Dans..this lead to ….
Craig David “met the girl on Sat , took her for a drink on Sunday, got blown off by Monday “,despite a burning sensation in his back from those flaming Green Eyes of Jealousy the boy Stuck it out and stuck it in !!

Double Decks after being blown out by the Banff connection made good at the Ski Beat party with a blonde 22yr old vixen from behind as her manager caught them at it !! She didn’t know whether to be sick/sack her or just join in !!

At the same Party Mongo (Pub cleaner) finally laid to rest a long dry sexual spell with a ripe and juicy ****. But who was this girl…will she own up to it for Charity ??

Guest Appearance on the terrace on Monday of legendary 70’s swinger/dj – Rob Smart, calling through on his galloping gourmet section for next years Meribel Rag.

That's it for 2001/2002 season - will we back? We will be watching...


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