TC's Diary of a Saisonnaire - Winter 2000

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Final Entry April 2000

First of all sorry to all my fans of whom I know are of the thousands about the late arrival of TC's diary. The problem being the end of season and drinking commitments to catch up on which never happened mid season. Not great to start on an apology so here we go again......

Welcome back the Mansons, The long awaited arrival of Billy and Sarah Manson is now over. Bill and Sarah have been grafting hard in the States with rich people but now are back in our beloved village of La Tania chilling out for the rest of the season....So beware if a mad Kiwi asks you to go boarding or drinking!!!!!!

Many of you may have seen the few pictures of the Meribel Ball which I ended up at, Thank God for cameras because I don't remember anything of that night and neither did the guitar player for Fourplay who was incapable of playing in the second set and got dragged off stage by his fellow band members (or so I was told because the same happened to me!!!) Thursday was bad weather so a trip up to fun land (1850) was in order where in bar Le Jump Jim makes the finest B52's in the 3 Valleys. He took time and precision in pouring the three layers of deadly alcohol and when completed was instructed to distribute amongst his fellow colleagues and down that sucker, I don't know whether he was happy or sad about the whole affair but the deed was done and we all missed the last bus down.

The weekend saw happiness as an excited Toffa flew off to Wembley to watch Newcastle play and sadness as we all watched them get thrashed (what? - Ed) by Chelsea. On Toffa's return he assured us that all the Toon fans left London heads held high.

The Ski Lodge staff do went with and bang as Tim and Debs Wall treated about 24 of his hard working staff to a wicked night at the Chateau - a posh place with turrets and everything. I had Lambs clackers soup which I might add was delicious followed by a posh lump of meat. After the meal we started to leave but felt guilty and gave back all the stuff we had nicked and made our way to Dicks T Bar Meribel where the champers flowed, battles were won and lost and La Tania took Dicks. Pictures from Toff are self explanatory..... The following day was a nightmare - one hour late for work (not good when you are opening) feeling crap all day and having to attend another posh do with family and friends that night.

Thursday came around quick enough again and having still not sobered up from the staff do we made what could be our last sortie on 1850. Again we visited The Jump and again we taught young Jim how to drink. Then a quick visit to the Equipe Bar where Paul and Mike sorted us out big style for a past favour. That being them stranded in La Tania for Mikes birthday and me playing the good Samaritan and dragging them home with 5 minuets to spare for work. Naughty boys - never be late!!!!!

Friday was quiet with not much happening apart from Dan nearly falling off a 7 story building - needless to say we have given up the sport of roof climbing while drunk....

Well work looms for me so bye for now and I promise the update will be on time next week....

Love everyone.....TC xxxxxxx


TC's diary of a Saisonnaire 3 April 2000

Well that was a bit mad...Saturday night felt like Christmas eve going to bed knowing that the following night I would be allowed to drink after midnight and drink we did! Dan, Toffa, Scottish Andy, Louise, Anita, Simon and Ali started at about 7 PM so by midnight I had some catching up to do. 5,4,3,2,1 went the countdown and on zero the beer went down. Then another and so on and so forth. By half past midnight we had all downed two bottles of Ice Cafe champers and me personally had polished off 7 halves!!! That lot just about put me on a par with the others.

Monday night was (according to Toffa because I was in bed by 10pm) a really good night for pillow fighting where all the locals got involved creating a jolly marvelous atmosphere. Tuesday was quite a wicked Shibboleth gig with the boys playing louder and harder than ever, so get down to the Ski Lodge Donald because Tuesday is the last Shibboleth night in La Tania.

Thursday saw the best conditions of the season with Toffa on his cross country skis, Fleet on his board, Scottish Andy and myself all going to Val Thorens where on certain occasions we were skiing in knee deep light powder - eat your heart out Phil Spence!! Having just laid some perfect tracks in white out conditions (every where else was in sun apart from the fresh that Andy and I had trekked to) we decided on a celebratory beer (Me still on detox then had coffee) so we went to a Restaurant mention no names "The Genipi" Oops where we met a nasty German man who liked throwing Skis around (our skis) after we just gave him our hard earned cash. What a nice chap, well gave us something to moan about on such a wicked day!!! Wow my head hurts and I have got to go to work in less than half an hour boo hoo - Never again (Yeah right!)

Last note is dedicated to all who came skiing on Sunday having caught first lift. Nice on lads must do it again soon, and for all of you that have never done it wake up early and bloody do it is the best!!!

Must dash get well soon Josie, Hi to Sam, M Nixon (reply to your emails lazy bones)

Love Dutch, hate snowbladers and monoboarders....



TC's diary of a Saisonnaire 27 March 2000

My god the first few days of my detoxification programme were very hard. Feeling so bad after that mad night in Le Praz it would have been so easy just to have a wee vodka and coke just to make me feel better. But no I abstained. Not like other people I might add (mention no names Neil and Ben Oops!) who were the main reason I started this silly, no insane period of my life. But its only two weeks I hear you cry, but two weeks with no booze whatsoever seems like an eternity.

Enough enough...This week, well Tuesday night went with a bit of a bang with 15 to 20 terrorists storming the Ski Lodge during Shibboleth's set much to the surprise of the punters and T.Wall who was most upset by the whole trauma (only because he didn't dress up). Before the storming T.Wall actually took the threat of a bomb planted in the Ski Lodge quite seriously and made me start his car for him. See threat here

Apart from Gordons's Birthday (all year round resident in Bozel) where his so called mates stripped him starkers and cling filmed him to a table not much has happened in the Ski Lodge. Not that I would know with most of my evenings consisting of coming home watching CNN for 10 minutes and falling asleep of pure boredom. Stop thinking of beer, stop thinking of beer stop thinking of beer, its only two weeks, stop thinking of beer, stop thinking of beer........

Saturday was pleasant taking a road trip to Albertville where Ben and I enjoyed a girls day shopping. Walking into the first shop seeing something we liked and fitted then proceeded to look round every other clothing retailers in Albertville then returning to buy the original item in the first shop. Drinking cafe au lait on the pavement outside a Brasserie snorting up carbon monoxide fumes, Ahhhh blisss.......

Big shout out to Sean, Kev, Sheila, Nan, Kate and the rest of the Newbury posse who I hope after the last conversation with Sean will actually see the site.You never know stranger things have happened to me anyway buts that's a different story!!!!!!

Stay cool Sam its only your exams.

Love Dutch (in a very sarcastic tone), hate bladers and monoboarders,
Until next time,


TC's diary of a Saisonnaire 20 March 2000

Right that's it - no more I mean it I can't take any more booze!! Last night was just too much down in Le Praz in the Bang Bang bar drinking Mutzig like it was going out of fashion. Neil and Ben have a thousand franc bet on that they can't keep off the yellow fizzy stuff for two weeks. I am going to join them. Two weeks is a very long time in a ski resort.....

Despite reports you may have heard the skiing is still fantastic - the piste is very slushy down into resort but the off piste is holding well. I had a wicked day with all the boys, Louise and Julius from Brewskis just playing in the trees (the same trees that Toni loves so much she just had to hug them (at high speed).

The casualty check is a check we do after every shift at the pub consisting of checking the toilets for drunkards locked in. Unfortunately I was one of the drunkards found in trap three with my trousers round my ankles - another reason for giving up the booze. What a fantastic Wednesday night...

A big shout goes out to Ali a former chalet girl, computer geek and piss head who came back and visited our beloved little village sporting her new hair style - email me baby. Well folks apart from topless pillow fighting in the lodge I can't remember much this week, the diary will be better next week when I am sober......

Love you all (including Dutch,snowbladers and monoboarders)


TC's diary of a Saisonnaire 13 March 2000

What a week! Lots of exciting things happened this week, The Farcon incident (the pub next door) forgot to lock their door so you can guess what happened there, followed by the massive argument on my day off when they found out.Then the hugely successful Freeride comp at the top of the Col de la loze, with some outrageous lines being taken. Respect to Shorty who entered the amateurs on Saturday after only one season of skiing. Puts me to shame after 8 seasons! But if you compress all my seasons into one I have probably only skied about 6 months due to yep you guessed it the devils p**s!!! Its all about what you want to do out here drink, ski, shag it's all there and thats why I love it! If I ever get round to it we should have interviews with some of the riders and drinkers from the weekend telling us what it feels like to compete at that level.

Feeling slightly worse for wear this morning due to a fantastic new drinking game invented by Toffa and I. It's called equal that or better it, Basically those are the rules one person drinks and repeats the above and so on until you fall asleep in the pub and wake up 2 hours later with your shoe laces tied together! Great game....

I cant believe that it's almost the middle of March where has this season gone. Getting older time flies quicker or maybe doing less skiing and boozing more! It only seems like last week that I had the worst new year of my life, everybody knows where they were when Kennedy got shot, everybody knows where they were when princess Diana died and every will remember where they went on New Year 1999-2000 including me. On the door of the pub collecting tickets, even my dad was more p****d than me - what a night!!!!

Enough of this drivel keep on checking the site for new features guys, and Sam are you Male or Female please email again. Quick shout to my buddy Luke who has just left La Tania to go back to Work! Sad old git....

Love Dutch, hate snowbladers, hate mono boarders...later TC xxxxxxx


TC's diary of a Saisonnaire 5 March 2000

Why does it always snow on me is it because I lied when I was 17, You what! It absolutely dumped on Saturday when yep! you guessed I had to do a transfer to Geneva it took me 1 hour to get to Moutiers (normal time 20mins) and then nice rain all the way to the airport. But still it keeps the punters happy the fact that it's snowing (even if you are 1 hour late OOP's) never mind all's well that ends well. The skiing (and boarding) has been fantastic lots of the fluffy white stuff to play in, so what did I do today I went skiing with Nick and Karen straight to a pub in 1850 sat in the sun had half a bottle of white wine and topped up my fading tan. Having decided that one hour was enough of a break for hard-core skiers (and boarders) like us we then proceeded to the Plantry chair and down to 1550 to another pub for more wine (Nick drinking pints because he likes volume) wow another great powder day!!! However the last run down though the trees back to our beloved La Tania was well worth missing another days skiing.

Tomorrow promises blue sky and perfect riding conditions (riding covers skiing and boarding) and work at the end of the day Yippee again another end to my skiing week or drinking week I should say! Possibility of joining the first lift crew if I don't get to off it tonight which is looking imminent. Keep up the good work medical research I will need all of your advances in 10 to 20 years time.

Keep hitting the site guys, address you all in the near future or if something worth writing about happens.

Love Dutch, hate bladers and mono boarders - later!
TC xxxxxx

TC's diary of a Saisonnaire 28 February 2000

The day is Monday, boy I hate Mondays! Blue sky impeccable skiing conditions and yes you guessed it a large hangover. Still in bed at midday with all of the above what a mad man I hear you cry, I blame it all on the Gitaz boys for hosting such an amazing luge competition / piss up with a free bar yes a free bar! Just a quick thank you to all the lads down there THANK YOU. Tomorrow's another day presenting us with perfect skiing (and boarding) conditions in the 3vs - OK snow would be great but we can't have it all. Cheers to Andy for returning me back to my beloved abode in La Tania who let Donald drive his car - good job he is having a detox week. He must be as mad as me not drinking at a free bar and me not skiing on such a beautiful day. Ah well work at 4.00 and the end of my skiing week, never mind only 3 days 'til my day off if I don't get to pissed on Wednesday night. Still it's better than 11 months stuck in an office with four weeks holiday a year! Well that's all I can be bothered to type - see you all next time and keep checking out this site it's getting bigger and better every day.

Cheers, happy skiing (and boarding) and remember love Dutch, hate snowblades and monoboarders.

bye TC xxxxx