Xd's Ski Blog 2004/5

The Return of Xd - I know I said I'd never come back....
Or go to New Zealand....
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November 09
Well, well. Now in Thailand, seems France is in flames. great time here, hooked up with some cool guys. Falling for a guy called Graham big time, ex city boy (honest!), now a bit of a traveller and surf bum. Should be back in Meribel soone than I can think and another romance over I guess (unless he can be pursuaded to join me - but that's probably a bad idea anyway). The land a good weather, great beaches and cheap drugs is about to be replaced by cold weatehr, no beaches and expensive drugs (and stupid drivks prices). Oh well as least the snow conditions should be better! Looks like Meribel rather than La Tania but I promise to keep the blog up to date with all my naughtiness, bad behaviour and drunken one night stands - you're all a bunch of voyuers really, no wonder I haven't answered any email for yonks. Planning a big farewell party for a lot of the crowd here - we're moving up to Bangkok at the end of the week, no doubt to traveller heaven with cheap CDs and banana pancakes. Be nice to get back to a big city again (did I say that?) - but got to spend time sorting flights out - Geneva direct? I doubt it. Oh well - until the snow (or cyber cafe in Bangkok) - Luv Xd (and Graham) xxx
September 30
Off travelling at last - a fond farewell (and several good snogs) to all the brilliant people I've met in New Zealand. Truly a great country with a great attitude. Not sure of the next update - but as soon as. Job offer in La Tania too! Can't wait, won't wait. Xd xx
September 19
Time to chill and work out what I'm gonna do for the rest of my life. The Ski resort life is often called living in "the bubble" - due to the fact that you're not in the real world and protected from everything except what happens where you are. Of course I haven't saved as much money as I would have liked and blew a lot at the end of season so bot sure where my travels will take me next. There's a group of like minded souls here so maybe Meribel via Thailand is an option! The Remarkables have still got some great snow cover so there's time for a few more rides on the mountain yet, then the thought of sunshine, Thai food and cheap drugs appeals.... (not really!) Xd xx
September 05
More great spring snow conditions and some relaxing boarding in good weather. More thoughts turning towards the end of season and next Winter (or wherever it may be - a Summer or a Winter). Definitely want to head to Oz to hook up with some mates over there - will have to see what end of season bonus looks like first and then decide. Could be back in Meribel in 3 months if I wanted I suppose. Could do with a reality check and a few months "proper" work first I suppose before flinging myself full on in to another Winter season. My younger sister is kean to come out and do a Winter season too - think I should be there to show her the ropes really! Maybe I can pursuade Jan to come to Europe for the Winter, will seee what I can do... Top BBQ party this weekend, should be the last big blast of the season before end of season parties take over, drinking bars dry etc. Then the mind really will be on next Winter - starting to ramble now, time for a strong coffee and getting it together for work. Luv Xd.


August 31
So that was August - life is passing me by too fast. Getting bored with the routine now too much work, work, work and not enough play, play, play. Nice and sunny weather right now and Spring snow conditions for some relaxed riding. Decent new snowfall at the start of the month led to one epic powder day where me, Jan (yes we're still a bit more than mates) and head barman Edge took us on a long hike well off piste for a glorious untracked powder feast. A truly great day out, great snow, great weather and great mates - basically what it is ALL about. I started off syaing I was bored with the routine didn't I - what bollocks - NZ is dead cool and I'm having a great time (honest mum!). Just need a bit more of Jan and a bit less work. Finances are ok and heading back through Oz, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand seems favourite now - of course it could all change after the next big drinking session... Enjoy everything Xd xx.
August 06
Had some great time on the mountain at last, got some good work going (waitress, barmaid, cleaner whatever is required) at a cool bar/diner place and made some great mates. Been very slack with the updates I know - havent' got easy access to the Net and when I do I mess about with emails and Instant Messaging, but I promise I must keep my blog thing going. Yeah and you don't believe that for a moment do you? Latest boys news is a 2 night stand with a guy from Perth named Jan - you know who you are! Great guy but we sorta dumped each other after a couple of days together. Seemed a bit strange but it was like we didn't have time for each other 'cos there was too much boarding, partying and work to do. Hmmm, sure we'll get it together again when things sort themseleves out, but it's a busy time here at the mo. Already thinking about where my travels will take me next, wanted to do some Himalaya treking but seems Nepal is a bit of a no no now, Would love to get to India though for the Autumn and then maybe head back to the Alps or US/Canada for Winter (that does have it's working Visa problems though) - Will have to work on it. Anyway you lot, email me and I'll send my love - off for another Steinlager... Go Hard! Xd xxx
June 21
The mountains open up at the weekend! Wah hoo, can't wait, need a job though. Had a night behind the bar helping out - bit out of town though and I've no transport. Hooked up with a good crowd though, things are looking up and moved out of the hostel to share a house, a bit too expensive though. No boys news... yet... Xd xx

June 18
Well arrived here via Singapore, Indonesia and Australia - Queenstown at last and snow on the mountains to look forward to. Still can't find Bumbles Hostel where I'm supposed to be meeting a friend of a friend but there's loads of Cyber Cafes so maybe I'll be good and update this damn thing. I've recovered from the stupid ending to last season and got my head together a bit more now. Travelling really does sort your head out and gives you time to think. Started thining about the "future" for the first time in ages and wondered if I'd ever settle down, get a proper job, get married, have kids etc. etc. Wow, it scared me I can tell you but all thoughts of this are to be put to one side until October - From now on it's work hard, play hard and board hard! (Need a job first mind, plus I'm still awaiting all my snow kit being shipped over - so I'll just stick to the playing for now). Seems to be lots of gangs of blokes here at the moment - feels a bit of a different vibe to the Alps - I guess it's 'cos it's a real town, not a resort you ski down in to (ski resorts are a good drive away). Still the Kiwis are pretty cool of those I've met so far and boy do they like a drink. Plus there seems to be some kind of Rugby thing going on that I don't seem to be able to get away from - Lots of Brits following that to, flight was full of rugger fans from Sydney. So I promise I will update soon and sorry I didn't get to Malaysia to meet you Paul (and I've lost your email address of course). So errrr, til the next time, keep it real, go hard, have fun - enjoy summer, promise I'l enjoy Winter. Xd xxxxxxxxx.
April 2005
All went a bit tits up I'm afraid. Partied a bit too hard, fell over pissed, broke arm, got sacked etc etc. But hey, it was still a blast. Off to NZ soon!!!!!!!!! Luv to you all Xd xxx
Mar 1
Oops forgot to update been to busy. New bloke too and thumb injury boarding. Soooooo much to tell and no time bye......
Feb 11
Update - Me and Jay are cool. Everything's gonna be fine. I'm so lucky, don't deserve this etc etc etc.
Feb 8
Mmmmm well bit of a bad girl over the last few days - guess you can guess what happened. Did a punter - oh dear. Haven't seen Jay 'cos of work commitments, feel extremely bad about it (which I didn't think I would). Blaming alcohol is too easy, I think it's a mountain thing, not living in the real world, and behaving like you're on holiday permanently. Or am I just a slapper? I can't tell Jay 'cos he too nice a guy but what if he finds out? (good job that's his code name). Suppose a "relationship" is a bad thing in a ski resort really with all that goes on and everyone knowing about it - few.... this seems like "dear diary" stuff here, can't believe I'm pouring my heart (what heart I hear you say) to a keyboard. Oh well, back to work after a quad esspresso in the cyber cafe. Feel better for getting all that off my chest (fnaa fnaa). Xd xxxxx
Feb 5
First Saturday of February and roads are a nightmare - trust me to end up having to help with the Gemeva trip today (at least it wasn't a couple of weeks ago when loads got stranded and the airpot was shut 'cos of snow). At least I met some mates at the airport and a certain favourite ski bum of mine bought me a drink at the bar with some Swiss Francs he found in car park machine! Flirted madly while I waited for the plane then though of Jay, but then thought of my Scottish punter who has been chasing me round all week and who stays until tomorrow - feel a bit tempted, am I a tart or what? Xd
Feb 1st
Feb already and I'm working practically full time, add in the drinking, boarding and nights of passion with my new man (yes we got it together last week) and I'm permanantly knackered. This burning the candles at both ends behaviour has set of a sore throat, cough and lost voice - true Saisonnaire mountain fever. Of course a couple of days in bed, with no alcohol and some healthy food would sort it all out but that can wait until May thankyou very much. Snow is as good as it gets and I've been on the mountain as much as possible the last couple of days before work gets seriously busy during Feb. Nice punters in this week too, from Scotland but not that tight! Hoping for a good tip at the end of the week! Xd.
Jan 26
Probably the best days boarding I have ever had. Great powder everywhere and the sun is back out at last. Lots nad lots of snow everywhere - getting around is a real pain. New bloke based in bloody Mottaret but he does have his own room(!). Not that I've stayed over yet, but think it will happen soon. Both seem to be playing it cool but mad about each other I think. Need to see some more of him but work getting in the way. Mad transfer weekend with me working everywhere all at once, people stranded and transport completely screwed. Still the snow is great and everyone is in such a great mood that every night is a real party 'cos the feeling they've had through the day just keeps going - this is THE life. So pleased I came back, now if I can just get it together with this Jay guy in Mottaret the season will be complete!
Xd xx.
Jan 19
Fresh snow and I pulled all in the same day - more soon, honest. Got to work (and play).
Xd xx
Jan 04
Ok - been very slack again with the updates, sorry. New Year - WOW. Meribel went mental but I did miss my real home of La Tania I suppose. Maybe just a bit too rowdy for my liking. Lots of nice boys about too - the guy I spent most of the night with passed out though! Had a good board yesterday - snow is pretty good but need some more to get off piste. Great Apres down the Rond Point and a tent to keep us warm during the cold months! Should head out of the Valley in the next few days - gotta get over to 1650 to visit some mates from last season. Feeling a bit weak after the holiday festivities, need some proper food and a bit of a detox I think. Still temping but a full time job if I want it - a bit too full time though! Looking forward to the Natives party in La Tania tonight if I can blag a lift over - always a big one down the Ski Lodge that one. Same sexy bar staff there this year too! Happy New Year y'all. Xd xx.
Dec 27
Christmas has been and gone in a blur and I'm doing a bit of temping with my mate Jean - mainly standing in for chalet staff in Mottaret who can't take the pace. Christmas Eve was a right laugh - lots of drink and snogging, my kind of night. Been on my first "date" of the season with a guy called Dave. Bit of a surfie type but I'm getting used to it. No bedroom action yet but you'll be the first to know as that's all you perverts want to hear about isn't it? Got my email sorted out at last so I will reply to you guys in Canada, Cham, Val etc. Hope to meet up with some of you some time soon. Heading out for a ride now, new snow so it looks good, but cold. Merry Christmas everyone and here's to New Years Eve and a serious amount of bad behaviour! Xd xx
Dec 13
Back in real time now and caught up with the Blog thing. Lots of familiar faces in the Ski Lodge in La Tania the other night and a good place to catch up. Looks like I'll be working in Meribel this season, should be good though and seems more lively than La Tania. Ex-Boyfriend called this morning - I txted him my French mobile number - am I mad or what. Still feel really guilty and invited him out for New Year - definetely mad. Gonna get my act together and get out my board tomorrow or even later today - not a lot open but it will take a few runs to get back in the swing. One other thing - it's Monday morning and a lot better place to be than in an office in grey old London. I love it out here - and I haven't even pulled yet ;)
Dec 11
Arrived in Meribel. Crashed on someone's floor for 2 nights while my room is getting sorted out. Can't remember it being as cold as this as lasy year. Met a few familiar faces but job not fully sorted yet. Thinking I could have made a rash decision now, but had a good time last night down the Tav. Will head over to La Tania tomorrow in search of work and love....
Dec 08
Flying tomorrow - done everything far to quickly. Boyfriend doesn't believe me, wonder if I can get him to come out too (on second thoughts...). Poor guy, he doesn't deserve this, I'm a bitch ok? Now where are my board boots?
Dec 06
Made the decision at last. Junking the "reponsible job", not working my notice, got a promise of a job and dumping the boyfriend. It's in my blood now, just want to be in the mountains with like minded loons...