Xd's Ski Blog 2003/4

Diary of a first time Chalet Girl (host!)
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May 01
Can't believe it's May already and the last 5 months have been an absolute blur. To all those people for whom I cooked, cleaned, boarded, laughed, snogged, drank, partied, shagged and fell in love with, thank you. It was a complete blast and I'd love to do it again but now it's time to find a proper job (and bloke). Thanks for all the emails that kept be smiling and going through the down times, though I only remember the good times now! To those La Tania people I hope to see you all again - top mates, top people, Love you all... Xd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

April 22
It's all over in La Tania, two more days of bloody cleaning. The pub is shut and my favourite barman left without even a snog. Suppose my last entry will be from England, sniff, sniff! Cheer me up, mail me at xd@latania.co.uk

April 14
Charity Day! What a great day, dressed up as a tart (apt you may say). Lots of games, fun, drinking and the excellent Mowgli playing live on the terrace outside the pub. A great day and night was had by all and they're hoping to break the 10,000 euros mark this year. Great BBQ too. My favourite barman was well out of it by the time i was looking for him to walk me home, now only a week left to pull him:) Off out tomorrow if it kills me, the snow is still there so must enjoy it and improve my tan before i go home, and i'm really not looking forward to that. See some guys are going to New Zealand to ski there, I'd love to but simply can't afford it after my meager wages out here all season. I'm sure they'll have fun and it must be better than going home, oh well time to start getting depressed about it, another vodka barman....

April 02
So I had to ski down Troika naked at 2am this morning for falling for the most pathetic April fool joke ever, am i blonde or what? Of course a ridiculous amount of booze was involved and no one will remember will they? Good job my mum doesn't read this! Only half full this week so time for a lot of play and less work - hurrah, and time to think what I'm gonna wear on Charity Day's fancy dress party? Any ideas? If you have, send me a mail at xd@latania.co.uk

Mar 23
Wow so that was March nearly gone and my updates have been very, very slack. Got a bit too involved with Paul from Meribel me thinks. A bit too much lust on my behalf, my work suffered (like I give a stuff) and my boarding suffered. Time off was spent hitching to Meribel to spend the day in bed! Oh well your only young once etc etc. Anyway concentrating back on my own turf now, me and Paul are over(ish) but maybe there'll be a shag for him on a desperately, drunken Tue night in the future - do I sound bad or what? Been really cool the last few weeks, not so many punters around and lots of parties going on. Was walked home by my favourite barman last week too. don't know why won't he make a move on me, I thought I was giving off all the right signals and spent nearly a whole day boarding with him. It's coming on really good now and I've loads of confidence even on steep bits, going really fast and keeping up with lots of the boys now. They've got me jumping now, I'm bound to do some damage soon, so long as it doesn't stop this alcoholic fuelled lifestyle I'm enjoying to the max. Can't believe we've got only a month left out here, lots of boys need my love before we go. Luv Xd (slapper!).

Mar 8th
Oh so what happened in the last week then. Ah yes PAUL!!!! Well think we're going out and he doesn't know about the blog thing so that's cool. Really in to him and spent a great night together last Tuesday. Can't wait for tomorrow again. Last weeks punters were really cool and spend loads of money on us and left goo tips at the end of the week! Snogged one on Friday too,. I'm sooooo naughty (but nice) Xdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mar 1st
Wow, March already, less than 2 months left out here, can't believe it, we're still having fun and still partying hard! Hope things will quieten down a bit after the half term time. Out on by big date tomorrow, sadly I can't keep this paul bloke off my mind. He even left a message at the pub on Saturday to make sure we were still on for Tue night! I was really upset when I found out I missed him - is that sad or what? Really can't wait for tomorrow! Great punters in this week, no hassle at all and just want to have fun. Even insist on helping all the time too and said not to worry about breakfast they'd sort themselves out, top or what. My boss'll give me grief if I get caught letting them do stuff themselves though, boo. Oh well hopefully I'll be in a good mood when I next pass by the internet cafe and update you all on what happens tomorrow! Xd

Feb 25th
Oh what a night last night, big fancy dress party for mardi gras and a massive booze up on the biggest night of the week. I'm typing this in the ice cafe at meribel and haven't been home yet as it's my day off luckily. woke up next to a strange man this morning! But I was fully clothed just about, phew!!! After the pub shut we ended up at Dick T Bar in Meribel and proceeded to get completely wasted until 4am. Then off to some chalet for a party. I passed out apparently and crashed in someone's bed - think he was embarrassed as me this morning which i though was kinda cute really. His day off too today so we walked in to town and he bought me some breakfast! He couldn't hang about too long though cos he had promised to ski with some mates today. I should be doing that as well but have first got to work out how to get back to La Tania! I'm a dirty stop out I know! Loads of grief from fellow workers no doubt and i didn't even do anything. Have arranged to meet this guy Paul next Tuesday though - he's gonna come over to La Tania for the Shibboleth gig, looking forward to that 'cos he's new and not just one of the regular La Tania bloke that we always see. ok so maybe I fancy him alright? Time for a lunch time beer, then bus to Meribel Village and hope someone is driving back to La Tania. May get a late board this afternoon, may sleep my hangover off instead (and think of Paul......). Xd xx

Feb 19th
not sure about this blog thing now - becoming a bit of a pain and too many people have worked me out. Everyone knows what everyone's doing here, i don't like that too much, like my own space a bit more sometimes. v pissed off last night 'cos i saw my favourite barman walking home with a certain girl after the pub shut last night. Want to ask her about it but then I'll be just doing the gossip thing too. Oh well, at least a bit of new snow has fallen and i'm being taken out by punters tonight over to Courch or Merihell, they're quite a wild bunch, with loads of money, should be a good night with lots of booze anyway! Oh and thanks for all the valentine emails and cards...NOT

Feb 13th
Valentines day tomorrow! I hope I get some cards (or at least a good snog off my favourite barman). Lots of french about now and next week, resort is busy although pub remains the same. Lots of family types out now, not so many single men! More fun in the sun and the tan is looking really good now although it is only my face. Night out in Meribel tonight courtesy of 2 punters who are taking me and Michelle out as a thank you for all our hard work this week looking after them. They're pretty cool blokes who do know how to enjoy themselves so it should be a good night. No doubt we will end up in Dicks T bar until the early ours and regret it when we're up at some ungodly hour on Saturday morning. Ho hum, the life of a chalet girl! Don't forget to send your valentine messages to xd@latania.co.uk I will get around to replying soon but my laptop with all my mail on is bust so I'm using internet bloody cafes at the mo. Should be fixed for next week guys, sorry it took so long. lots of love and kisses, bye for now Xd xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Feb 8th
Another great week of enjoying myself. Sunny weather meant we were out as soon as possible every day, hangover permitting. Boarding coming on very well - can hoon along with most of the others now and no injuries so far. Had a great night at the Rond Pont over in Meribel, more like an extended happy hour. We all got really hammered on toffee vodka, some punters just kept on buying it so we weren't complaining! One of our lot did promise to go out with one of them later in the week, don't think she did though - how naughty! Talking of naughty, a bottle of jd, some dodgy cigarettes and a really, really late night - no better not, more soon luv Xd xd@latania.co.uk

Feb 1st
Up at some un-earthly hour this morning to help with a Geneva transfer that all went a bit wrong. Should have gone to bed early I know but, hey it was Saturday night man. At least there's free internet at the airport so I can email this for toffa to stick up. Thanks for the emails guys - will reply to you all soon when things settle down later this week. Still keeping a low profile and my identity is still fairly secret - can't have my mum reading this! Hope this bloke turns up soon, the other gang have already landed and we're just waiting for another plane. Really wanted to get out on my board today too, the weather is great today and with all that snow to play in I can't wait. It still says 30 minute delay (but it said that 30 mins ago). Gonna grab a coffee - hope they take Euros, got no Swiss Francs! be back with more goss soon xx.

Jan 27th
Oops I did it again. Another punter. Dicks T bar in Meribel to blame. Too much vodka. Feel a bit bad about it. Was definitely drunk but knew what I was doing. He was pretty old too, probably mid thirties. Went back to their apartment in Meribel with some of the other girls, think we all pulled, such a laugh at the time and did enjoy a good ----- but early morning trying to get one of them to get us back to La Tania was a right nightmare. Ski Lodge staffer to the rescue, thanks mate. I will thank you properly by the end of the season I promise! Do feel naughty, but 2 guys in 7 weeks isn't outrageous is it? Tell me what you think, I've a new email address at xd@latania.co.uk. No requests for pics though all right, not that I think anyone reads this anymore. Hope my mum doesn't work it out anyway. Just read this back - am a bit pissed, no doubt Toffa will edit all the bad bits out

Jan 24th
Guess I actually felt a bit homesick today for the first time. Feel a bit ill really, think I'm just completely knackered with boarding and boozing most days and not enough sleep, few of the other girls are feeling the same. Think it's time to calm down a bit and recover and start feeling well again. Am gonna try not go out too much next week. We've a family crowd in next week with lots of kids, may be able to stay in and earn some baby sitting money as well. It's still snowing outside. Xdx

Jan 21st
What a great day on the mountain. Blue skies and sunshine first thing and the most wonderful snow. Nothing else matters, this is just the best of the best time of my life!!!!! Boarding is coming along great and hanging out on the mountain with great mates, followed by a few beers at lunch and then another great night out - the life. great. nuff said.

Jan 18th
Ok, ok so i "did" a punter. Can't believe the gossip it's created. I'm feeling quite good about it to be honest. Very nice guy (though I suspect he's got a girlfriend at home), had a really nice evening together away from everyone else and I guess on thing led to another. Not too much alcohol involved, just the mountains, the snow and the altitude. Felt a bit sad on Saturday when he left but tried to remain dead cool, he txt me when he landed in the uk which i thought was nice. and he did say he might make it out at the end of the season too but I'll be supervised. But if you're reading this you know who you are!!!! Life continues on and this weeks crowd are all blokes! We'll see. Still got my eyes on a ski lodger though.

Jan 13th
Been a lot of rain about, stayed in the chalet the last couple of days and nights but it's a big one tonight. The regular band here has their first gig at the pub tonight - thing everyone i know is going. Day off tomorrow so we're really going to go for it! Getting wined up with the guest then straight down there to party. Expect a gap before the next update as i recover 'til the weekend. A few people getting suspicious of who is Xd. Luckily i've no need to use the pub's or the tourist info place for internet access anymore. Toffa's sorted me out with a cheapo laptop which is just about ok to send email but no good for surfing the net. Good to keep in touch with home though, think I'll have to get a French mobile too. xx

Jan 11th
Great snow and loving the boarding. Getting the hang of life out here now, the place is so beautiful with snow on the trees that it makes up for all the punter grief we get. Can come down from the top of the mountain now. It does take me a while though. Got one of the guys here showing me how to board, met him at Meribel Village the other night at a big party. Want to show him a thing or to too but he has a girlfriend, boo!

Jan 8th
I've been paid some money! Can't believe it's only around £200. Spent more than that so far. but i do have some great new board boots. got a good locals discount too. i like this place! The Natives party was packed. Ended up outside snogging this bloke from Meribel. Quite nice but decided he was a bit of a poser. Said I'd meet him on the ski slopes somewhere - did NOT let him walk me home!

Jan 5th
Quite at last this week -only 5 in and they're ok. Must learn to board fast so I can keep up with more of the locals. New snow too so got to get up earlier. Big party on Tue night - really gonna try and pull! but bet i don't when it comes round to it.

Jan 2nd
Still feeling rough. Not sure what I got up to at the end of New Years Eve. Misbehaved a bit but I bet the guys can't even remember. Top tip off this weeks punters - will promise to buy board boots and not spend it on beer. Happy New year all, lux Xd

Jan 31st
So this is it - the big night. New punters have loads of Champaign so that should kick start things. They're ok if a bit too posh. Have my eyes on a guy now. His third season I think. Just talking at the moment though. One of the punters this week is trying his best, no chance though.

Dec 27th
All is a blur. So this entry is not as good as it should be. No guests the first week, then full (and full on) the second. Turkey was just ok but the rest of the Christmas meal was sound. Punters ok once plied with lots of wine and their duty frees. Not so good in the mornings though. Why can't they get up for breakfast if I have to? and I was later to bed than all of them. Tried boarding - well harder than it looks and more painful. Another busy week next week too. Social life is looking up and a nice few Christmas snogs - those boys down the Ski Lodge need sorting out! Getting used to hangovers now and sorting out breakfast while still asleep. It's the early cleaning when trying to get out boarding that's the hardest - once I'm out it's ok. Merry Christmas all.

Dec 21st
Got really mullered last night. Punters got me well pissed - bad people. Think I tried to get off with one of them. Was sick this morning too. Breakfast not good. Boss heard about me - she's not happy. Saw Courchevel 1850 for the first time - plenty of bars and lots of people, and lots too drink. Had some stupid cocktail in Bar Le Jump, it had Tabasco sauce in it, a flat liner I think it was called. no wonder i was sick. Got ski pass now so will head out on to the mountain for the 2nd time very soon. Need to feel better fast.

December 14th
Hello all. I'll remain anon for now. We'll see how it goes. Looks like a nice place, faces are very friendly and I think I'll like it out here. Depends on how I get on boarding, the weather and the punters. oh and a bit of love would go down too! All a bit hectic at the moment with cleaning, shopping, training and stuff. Will settle down soon I'm told - let's hope so. Got asked some very rude questions during the 2004 staff photo call for the web site. Apparently the average girl here has had 12.2 partners - I'm not telling!