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Further Information on Mobile Phone Reception & 4G Services in La Tania


The new phone mast disguised as a tree in La Tania can be confirmed as being provided by Free Mobile ( and will support 4G.

In La Tania we also have the other 3 major mobile service providers with Bouygues, SFR and Orange having building roof masts on top of Le Grand Bois apartment block and there also appear to be an SFR installation on the Christiana building too. Generally service is pretty good across The 3 Valleys – a noticeable “not spot” was The Mèribel Folie Douce but that was resolved last Winter.

In France SFR and Bouygues are now building a joint network so users can roam between their masts and Free Mobile users can currently roam on Orange 2G and 3G services when needed although this is set to end soon.

Looking at the information site it would appear that Free Mobile plus Bouygues/SFR support 4G but Orange is currently only 3G.

As we mentioned in the New Phone Mast post this doesn’t mean you will always get 4G on a UK SIM when roaming – The UK operator Three Mobile for example doesn’t allow 4G on its free “Feel at Home” service in France (and even the 3G is throttled back somewhat and noticeable when streaming radio etc).

As far as we can tell the 4 UK mobile service providers roam on the following services in France (remember GiffGaff & Tesco is O2, Virgin is on EE etc).
Three Mobile – Bouygues, Orange and Free Mobile (No 4G. No coverage in the Channel Tunnel either!).
EE – Bouygues, Orange (4G where available).
O2 – Bouygues, Orange, SFR (No 4G).
Vodafone – Bouygues, SFR (4G where available).

Thanks to Julien (@dji_oul) for help with the above information.


2 Responses to “Further Information on Mobile Phone Reception & 4G Services in La Tania”

  1. What a great news ! Free fair use is arround 50 Gb so it’s pleasant to receive 4G.
    By the way, you can use a Free SIM card as set-up box !
    Hope it will be on by december.
    Keep us updated 🙂