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New Disguised Mobile Phone Mast Goes Up In La Tania


The new mobile phone mast we mentioned in the What’s New article is now in place in La Tania. Disguised as a tree so as not to be an eyesore.

Situated near the top of the free Troika drag lift it’s now in place (it did take out a street light on the way apparently).

We hear that the service provider for this mast is Free Mobile – And UK Operator Three Mobile roam on this service in France.


Generally the Three UK deal is great for Saisonnaires and regular visitors when use abroad comes out of your UK plan so in effect free to use in loads of countries including France, Switzerland, Greece, Spain and even the USA, Australia & New Zealand.

Although this new mast may give us 4G, currently when you roam in France on Three you will never get 4G and the 3G is throttled back too, still a great deal of course but maybe a bit too good to be true!

However, on the plus side, no one we know has ever had their service stopped because they’ve used it in France all season long when Ts & Cs state you won’t be allowed to do this.

Seen in Dubai last week – They disguise their masts as palm trees (except 3 times the height of the ones nearby so look very odd). They piste bash the beaches too…

Thanks to Sarah B for the pics – Some more information on Mobiles in La Tania here


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