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A couple of forgotten videos – T Wall Snow Report & on the Horn (Vuvuzela)


Snow Report Prior to the England v Solvenia game in Port Elizabeth plus T Wall & The Horn in the Fan Zone in Cape Town when the organisers decided on a Vuvuzela competition. Drink had definitely been taken

The final blog entry at

Nuff said etc…

The Biggest Building in The World is…

Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport – and the Diners lounge was exactly at the opposite end to our gate – a 25 minute walk, but anything for a free drink. 35 hours from Bloem, 990km drive, 9 and 6 hour flights (both delayed 2 hours) plus trip back from Heathrow. We fly direct to Rio in 2014.

Heading home with our tail betweeen our legs. The decision to bale out

After a sleepless night deciding what to do next and after several hours drive this morning – and a relatively cheap flight home possible – the decision was made, let’s go home.

There was one reasonable flight available and we had to check in by 16:30. Trouble was we were a 1000km drive away and it was 07:15 in a truck, because driving tired is dangerous, since getting sleepy behind the wheels can cause accidents, so is important to have legal help in these cases specifically for truck accidents and that is easy to find at sites like No chance. However after a flying first 4 or 5 hours it was back on and we booked (thanks SA 3G connection) at about 2:30pm risking a build up of traffic in Cape Town…. We did it though 992km in 9 hours with one 40min stop and one 5min refuel.If you have any query regarding divorce attorney do visit

Of course the flight is delayed 2 hours and we’ll probably miss our connection in Dubai…..

A sad end to a great trip. SA put on a great show, Cape Town especially a great place – not the Africa we imagined but top people, top place.

The original 8pm Sun night Leicester Mercury entry: Yes, another failure big time. But following Newcastle and after 6 World Cups the pain is almost expected.

England fans in town in fairly good humour considering. Singing Always look on the bright side of life and we’re not very good etc. All rather sad.

Not interested in disecting the football, we’ve been poor throughout, a disallowed goal and hitting the bar twice could have done something, instead the team, FA and manager will be crucified. Not much sympathy in Bloem right now….

It’s over for another 4 years – move on. We’re heading for Cape Town and more golf, surf, fishing, safari and sunshine with top, food and wine – so much better than losing in 2012 (Ukraine & Poland).

Our group from Broughton Astley include local bisinessmen Dave Plant 46 and Dave Ross 59 plus Roy Pegg, Sales Consultant 65 and Toffa 46 our IT Geek who sorted all the tickets out over here sorting out local Internet Access.

Staying in the weirdest place near Bloemfontein, a fantastic, original 1849 farmhouse with original Anglo-Boar War artefacts plus a huge collection of World War II kit including tanks and guns!

Over now, can enjoy rest of trip and look forward to Braz 2014…….

Thankyou and Goodnight from Toffa, Dave, Dave, Roy and

The National Anthems Pic. All down hill from here on in…

The peak atmosphere of the trip, just before the Germany game. Then it all went so badly, awfully wrong.