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The Emirates

View from the Prawn Sandwiches. Earliest time I’ve been in a ground ever. But there is a free bar. . . .

The Feeling Live

Brum Tonight. With Nic, Kaz and The La Tania old school. . . . .

How big? This is a ski…

Saw this monster K2 ski at the show – thought is was a snowboard or maybe bindings would be mounted like a squal, but no – just a big fat powder ski. Don’t think the photo does it justice, it’s as wide as DoubleDex’s head at the tip…

Ski show madness

La Tania going hard. . .

The Illuminati * (I mean Illuminations)

Aaahh Blackpool – the prom, the piers, the arcades, the trams, the candy floss, the kiss me quick (cowboy?) hats, the pepsi max big one, the fish ‘n’ chips, the tower, the pubs, the clubs, the stags, the hens, the ultimate in tackiness…. (and the illuminations of course)

* that reference should give me lots of hits re Dan Brown etc etc…

Toon v Bolton

Howay the Toon


Go home

Deb bought a round

In the Bulls Head tonight. It’s a first!

And the second test. . . .

A pic from December 2002 opening day.

Mobile Blogging – 1st Try

The first attempt at mobile picture blogging from my new k800i. Can’t believe it’s so simple and works straight out of the box!