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Individual feedback after search training and intensive follow-up inspections have shown that in very rare cases, a disturbance can occur in the transmission function in the ORTOVOX S1+ avalanche transceiver. The reason for this is the possible failure of a component.
In order to eliminate any risk for our customers, we have decided on a precautionary recall so that the affected component can be replaced. The S1+ devices affected by the recall may no longer be used without the required component being replaced.
This precautionary recall applies exclusively to the ORTOVOX S1+ model of avalanche transceiver. All other ORTOVOX avalanche transceivers are unaffected. Its predecessor, the ORTOVOX S1, is likewise unaffected.

The safety of our customers has been our highest priority for 35 years. ORTOVOX has been selling the S1+, an innovative product for alpine emergencies, since October 2011. The intuitive search concept provides beginners with simple support and professionals with valuable help, even during complex search assignments.
Despite our comprehensive quality control measures, we have now discovered a scenario that has never occurred before in our QA processes.
Our examinations have shown that in rare cases, a component can fail after an indeterminate period of use. Until now this error could not be detected when installing components, despite 100% comprehensive quality control.

The component can only be replaced at the ORTOVOX service point. All necessary information about the recall can be found on our website:

In addition to our website, you can also contact us at and on +49-89-66674-215