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Brazil 2014 – The Video Montage plus World Cup Loves & Hates


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The Video Montage – HD FormatSD Format


The Loves and Hates…

Love about Brazil World Cup 2014:
Entertainment value of most games and quality football – Best World Cup ever.
The refereeing overall.
Rio free travel with tickets on match day, volunteer helpers etc.
The Food – all of it.
Prices – generally cheaper than expected and still can’t find the BBCs £21 pint of beer. Average is £2 for a pint.
The Drink – most of it.
Cocktails on the beach.
The beaches.
Pre-match music – Thunderstruck, AC/DC.
Copocabana – Best location for a FanFest ever.
The banter with fans from all over the world.
Long, long moaning, grumpy conversations with England Fans analysing every kick, formation, team selection and managers decision for days after games – quality crack.
Caipirinhas and “CaipryVods”
Rio Helicopter Trip – breathtaking.
Italy, Portugal & Spain also going out in group stage.
USA Fans – forgetting about the chants & dress code – out here in big numbers & many highly knowledgable.
Aussies – plenty here, always up for a drink.
Louis Suarez – the whole affair.
Favela visit – humbling.
Watching Brazil in a penalty shoot out on the Copacabana.
Goals x Bookings x Corner sweep.
Getting belted by waves on the Copacabana.
Colombian Fans, always smiling.
Mabs Bar.
England’s Support.
Brazil locals, bar staff etc spot on.

Hate about Brazil World Cup 2014:
Face Paint.
Fancy Dress.
Mexican Waves.
Wigs and Stupid Hats.
Family/Tourist Day Out Supporters.
USA fans dressed up as other teams and supporting them (daily occurence in our hotel).
U-S-A and “We believe we will win” USA chants.
The FIFA Flag Ban.
Sau Paulo – City too big, organisation, transport and ticket collection not up to scratch like Belo and Rio.
Half Time Music – Happy, Pharell.
Ticket allocations.
Cat1 Maracanã tickets no better than Cat3 – a rip off.
The protestors – it’s too late now anyway and it may have cost £13b but £27b is coming in as a result (a few hundred thousand jobs created too).
The whole “we’re on the big screen thing” with fans waiving at all the cameras focused on the crowd – focus on the bloody match!
Brazil fans (only during matches) – not exactly sporting, mocking Chile & other teams going home and hyper critical of all players.
Mobile phones all videoing the whole match.
The Traffic.
Mabs Bar.
England’s performances.
The FA (& the new members tickets scheme).
And FIFA obviously…